7 Websites For Buying Premium WordPress Themes In 2017

Premium WordPress Theme

When it comes to WordPress themes, their are endless choices to choose from. With that in mind, there are 7 Theme companies that sell premium quality themes that have multiple niches to choose from. Some may even have Free Themes that are in good quality but most of the themes cost money. Still, t’s worth the price if you look at the included features.

I keep a few things in mind when I am in the market for a premium theme; below are the key features I keep an eye out for:

Theme Features To Watch Out For:

  • SEO Optimized
  • HTML 5
  • Built-In Features (meaning installing fewer plugins)
  • Options panel to enable, disable theme features… Easily customizable
  • Ad Management – OIO Publisher is an alternative if the theme does not have this.
  • Responsive Theme
  • Schema Enabled – If not included, Install Schema yourself.
  • Support – How many ways get you get support if needed

Those are the important things I look for when choosing to buy a theme from any company. Let’s get to the 7 companies that I strongly recommend.

*****WPOutcast’s Favorite Companies That Offer Premium Themes*****

StudioPress Sites

StudioPress Sites

StudioPress is an amazing company. I have been with them for years and love their support and the themes they provide. All their themes are easily customizable and if you are interested, I provided some customization tips in our Genesis Tutorials category.

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Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Design

Elegant Themes provides premium themes and plugins. With a yearly fee for the membership, you have access to every theme they create plus all of their plugins. I have used their plugins many times; check out this blog post for a brief introduction to 2 of there plugins I have used.

All themes have an options panel similar to this example from 1 of their themes:

elegant options panel

I have the Yearly plan and ou can cancel at any time.

Elegant Package Deal

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Swift – A Fast & SEO Optimized Responsive Theme

Swift SEO

The Swift Theme is a remarkable theme built for speed and SEO. Although, I still would recommend that you use the Yoast SEO plugin as this is so much better and has many built-in features. Below is a screenshot of what the homepage can look like if you mimic the demo version.

Swift theme example

As I said earlier, this is an affordable theme with other pricing options depending on what you use this theme for.

swift pricing

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Gabfire – WordPress Portfolio Premium Themes

Gabfire Premium Themes

Gabfire Themes have amazing magazine themes. Each one is unique, has mind-blowing speed, and many features. They also provide plugins in addition to premium themes. There is a built-in control panel so it is not hard to set up the theme.

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App Themes – Quality Niche Themes

App Themes

App Themes consists of niche themes that cater to specific types of bloggers. Here are some examples of niches this company provides for a business directory, job board, coupon deals, etc.  The themes are just awesome and can be easily customized to look like the demo version. You can get a professional looking theme for very cheap. Here is a preview of a theme I would use myself later in the future.

freelance project theme

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Themeify – Drag & Drop WordPress Theme

Themify Themes

Themify themes have drag and drop functionality which means you can customize the theme by dragging and dropping most features in. The themes come with detailed documentation so you don’t have to worry about figuring out this drag and drop thing; it’s covered in the documentation. Watch this 8 and a half-minute video that should help answer any questions you have.

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CSSigniter – Fantastic WordPress Themes & Plugins

CSSIgniter Themes

CSSigniter Themes are beautifully coded themes built for certain niches. There is actually 80 themes as of today and all of them are premium themes with many features included. You get top notch support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let me give you 6 reasons about why this theme business reeks of awesomeness.

6 reasons for CSSIgniter

<<<Learn More/Download>>>

My Final Thoughts

If you choose to buy from one of these companies you are guaranteed well-coded themes, including some of them providing both free and paid plugins that are of quality. There are endless choices in regards to choosing a theme and it’s very important that you choose a theme that suites the niche blog you are going to create. User experience and page speed are very important these days, so keep these 2 things in mind during your search.

Good luck in choosing a theme and let me know which them you end up using. I would love to take a look at your blog.

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