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Alternative WordPress Frameworks

Alternative WordPress Framework

You may already know this by now, but there are more frameworks than just the Genesis Framework. This Framework provides a settings panel in the admin section, and according to what the theme author has coded into the theme, there will be various settings available. This is basically what most frameworks do, but some function differently than others. On each homepage below, pay attention to all the fine details and explore any demos made available to understand the options and features that come with each business.

So what is a framework for WordPress?

A “base/starter” Theme framework is a stand-alone Theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development, usually serving as a robust Parent Theme for Child Themes. Some Theme frameworks can also make theme development more accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge by Creating Options Pages.


Frameworks are very popular right now, which means you have plenty of them to choose from. My advice for you is to carefully review each framework below and make your decision based off of what is going to work best for your blog. Also use the contact us link or support ticket system to contact the framework’s staff to ask any presale questions. The more knowledge you get about each, the easier the decision. I have only used the Genesis Framework, so I don’t have user experience for the one listed below.

Alternative WordPress Frameworks

  1. Genesis Framework – Also Read: Why Choose The Genesis Framework
  2. WPZoom – With purchase of any theme, your blog will run off the Zoom Framework
  3. Lander µFrameWork – Build high-end designs using this framework
  4. Gantry Framework – Just an amazing framework indeed
  5. Hybrid Framework – Free framework that is 100% open source, great for developers
  6. Redux Framework – Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as custom error handling, custom field & validation types
  7. Divi theme Framework – Buy Elegant Themes that are professionally done
  8. Themify Framework – Another drag and drop theme builder with different features
  9. Tesla Framework – Frame is included with any theme purchase for free
  10. Ultimatum Framework – Easily create a theme with zero coding knowledge. Newbie certified
  11. Runwaywp Framework – Build themes faster for yourself.. more goodies to read about
  12. Cherry Framework – Good framework and even has bootstrap as an option
  13. Warp Framework – A fantastic admin page to help create your premium theme
  14. Unyson Framework – Go test out this framework for free, their website
  15. Titan Framework – Framework is perfect for creating themes and plugins (not entirely sure about plugins though)
  16. Musket Framework – has its own custom framework on top of the Genesis Framework. (Recommended)

I am sure that there are more kinds of WordPress frameworks out there currently but this blog is all about the Genesis Framework and themes built for it, so my knowledge is limited.

Need help with setting up WordPress plugins or just looking for something new to install? Head on over to our WordPress Plugin Tutorials category for some good tutorials.

If you know of anymore frameworks then please share below in the comment section so I can update the list. Only quality ones that have a proven track record in the WordPress industry.

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