WordPress Plugins That Are Powering WPOutcast

Plugins Powering WPOutcasts

After you installing WordPress, the next thing to do right away is install essential plugins that will help your blog in so many ways. Stay protected, increase user experience, and most of all add cool features. There are thousands of plugins to look at in the WordPress code index but only a few made the cut on WPOutcast. I will be sharing all the WordPress plugins that are powering WPoutcast to success.

The plugins below can be used for blogs running off any WordPress Framework or no framework at all. You can find some excellent plugins for a reasonable price over at Envato Marketplace. I have one of the plugins installed on this blog and have bought three more that I may incorporate into this blog later on down the road.

Most Recent Plugins Used By WPOutcast

SEO Plugins

Tracking Traffic Stats

Security & Comment Spam Protection

  • Akismet – helps blocks lots of spam comments but not everyone. Here is a tutorial on setting up the Akismet plugin
  • iThemes Security – Very good security plugin even for the free version that we are using

Sharing Code In Posts & Pages

Caching & Optimize Plugins

  • Comet Cache Plugin – A simple plugin to help regard speed and improve GTmetrix performance. (My Review)
  • Heartbeat Control – this plugin helps speed up the admin dashboard. Leave it on default and select “60” for the settings.

Notification Bar

  • WP Notification Bars – A light plugin that has a few nice features for how to display the notifications.

Database Cleaning

  • Smart Cleanup Tools – This plugin deletes spam comments, revisions, and other junk in the trunk. Helps increase hosting disk space and a little with speed. (My Review)

Image Compression Optimization

Plugins For Mult-Author Blogs

  • Edit Flow – This is the perfect plugin if you hire editors. Check out the plugins features.
  • User Role Editor – If you have certain editors on your blog in charge of certain things, why not use this plugin and create set specific features for the editor in regards to access to what.

Link Tracking

Social Media Sharing Plugins

  • Revive Pro – A premium plugin for automatically sharing old content to your social media accounts. Check out our Revive tutorial.
  • Social Warfare – An alternative plugin to Monarch but with lot more important features for any type of blogger. Visit our tutorial on the Social Warfare to get a glimpse of it.

The plugins listed above may be changed in the future. You don’t have to use all of them but put some serious thought into investigating all of them and the benefits that your blog will receive. I purposely left out the Genesis plugins as they only work perfectly on themes using the Genesis Framework.

If this list of WPOutcasts plugins has helped your blog in any way, please consider sharing it online with your social media followers to help them as well.

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