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WPOutcast Most Popular Posts Of 2016


As 2016 comes to a close, I took the time to look back on all of 2016 in regards to this blog and how far it has come. We have been through 3 theme changes and finally finding one that I can work with in the future in regards to enhancing even more. Each week, I look at traffic stat’s using a wide range of free tools and even a paid one.

I set a lot of goals for 2016 but did not reach all of them. What I can tell you is the biggest goal was hiring an editor. As a blogger, we tend to think we can do it all and don’t need help but hiring an editor is actually a big help. An editor can be the fact checker, link checker, grammar checker and also provide feedback of the blog overall from an everyday reader. If you have not hired and editor or have ever had one period, might I suggest you reach out on a freelance website to get one.

Even if you hire an editor for 30 days to look over as much content as possible in the time frame that you set, your blog will be a lot better as a whole because you are getting someone who is strictly there to improve the message that you are trying to say. An editor can do a lot of things like I mentioned earlier. After diving deep into stat’s of 2016, the content below is what was most read.

12 months – Each post mentioned below had the most views for that given month

12 Popular Posts from 2016

1. Jan.Alternative WordPress Framework

2. Feb. brunch pro blog

3. Mar. Digital Pro Theme

4. Apr. Interior Pro theme

5. May Hello Pro Theme

6. Jun. IF YOU BUILD IT, It will succeed

7. July How To Start A Blog Genesis

8. Aug. Published A Blog Posts

9. Sept. Plugins Powering WPOutcasts

10. Oct. Crayon Syntax Highlighter Plugin

11. Nov. How To Install A StudioPress Sites Themes

12. Dec. Best Web Hosts For WordPres

  • Judging from the lot’s of views this month, looks like people are either starting a new blog or cashing in on various web hosting discounts. Either way, this page got the most views in Dec. by far. Best WordPress Hosting For Bloggers

Final Thoughts For 2016

This blog has come a long way, in 2016 I started adding tutorials and not just announce new themes making the blog more resourceful then just a theme blog. There are goals set for 2017 and only way to find out if I reached them is to wait for 2017 year-end blog post. Stick around WPOutcast and let’s both have much success with our blogs.

Never give up on your goals and work hard.

Happy New Year from the WPOutcast team.


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