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Don’t mind my art work in the image above. I was trying to get you to notice the social media follow buttons made possible by one of the premium plugins created by Social Warfare. As a blogger, we create content and publish it on our blogs or other people’s blogs but what we do after that is what is most important in regards to reaching a broader range of audience. The good thing is, when you publish a blog post and or a page, the search engine bots will eventually be notified and come crawl the content plus other pages if you do internal linking in your blog post.

If you are not taking advantages of internal linking, then for the love of god, learn how important it is by visiting this link from the Moz blog. If you are to lazy to manually do this in your blog post, try out the SEO Post Content Links plugin. I don’t use a plugin but thought I’d give you an easy way out. Let’s talk about what to do after you hit the publish button.

Do you just share that post with your social followers and move on to playing Pokemon? You should be doing a little more in regards to getting that new piece of content all over the internet. Here are some of my own tips that I follow or try to follow a few times a month and not skip a step.

What’s Next After Publishing A Blog Post?

  1. The number 1 thing to do after publishing your blog post is share it online to all the social media accounts that you are active one. WPOutcast is using the Social Warfare plugin which can display more social media buttons then what you see now but only the active social accounts have been selected.
  2. social sharing

  3. Inside your blog post, mention at the bottom of the blog post a message to your audience to share the blog post. Believe me, this does work. Tell your audience what you need them to do next. If they love that blog post, they will certainly listen to you. See an example at the bottom of this blog post.
  4. Join a blog syndication social site such as BlogEngage where everyone on there are bloggers sharing their latest blog post, voting them up and down plus you can network with bloggers and potentially build a partnership with one. Add me as your friend if you join. My username is “snakeair”.
  5. blog engage

  6. Write a guest blog post on another blog and ask the blog owner if you could reference a blog post of yours in the guest blog post that is relevant to your current topic you are writing about. This not only helps further get your blog post indexed, you also just wrote a guest blog post to help brand yourself with a link back to your blog. A win win for you. You may Write For Us if your topic is within our guidelines.
  7. Shoot your subscriber list an email mentioning that there is a new blog post on the blog and to check it out. You can’t always count on your bloggers who are subscribed via. RSS to receive the automatic email and read it. Do more and put that subscriber list that you have been building to work for you.
  8. Blog comments. Remember to respond to all blog comments on your blog post. Keeping the conversation going is a great way to gain new subscribers or just people who visit your blog a few times a week to share views of what you are blogging about. Show that you are not a robot and will be available in the comments or on your social media profiles to respond to any comments.
  9. Join Facebook groups in your niche. If that group allows self promoting then share your latest blog post but be sure to respond to any comments on your share or you may get known as someone is there strictly to self promote and not engage. Do read other shares in the groups that you have joined and respond to shares as that would help get you known and even profile views. List your blog in your Facebook profile.
    • A little tip: Use Stencil when doing social media marketing.

Advice About Emailing Subscribers

Look, when you do manually send your subscribers an email about a new blog post, try to write a little more in that email then just saying “Hey, check out this latest blog post“. Add some value to that email with additional tips or news about potential blog topic’s you will be covering later in the month. Keep that list of subscribers eager for that next email from you. An alternative opt-in form (pop-up subscription box) to look into is the popular Opt-in Monster premium plugin. We are using the Bloom plugin. Here is a tutorial on How To Set Up The Bloom Plugin showcasing how easy it is to figure out.

Wrapping It Up

Just by following these simple steps above after publishing a new post or page, you are spreading the word online about your topic and could potentially gain new social followers, new blog subscribers because of the quality of the content being published. I almost forgot to mention that make sure you have added a Gravatar image on the email address that you use when you post blog comments and use in your WordPress admin profile.

Look, it’s the little things that can make a blog explode with traffic or a jump in new social media followers. If one of your social media followers shares a blog post of yours that you had already shared online, that person could potentially give you a huge spike in views and new followers because of the quality of the blog post they shared to their own followers. This could potentially start a viral sharing frenzy on any social media website that get’s you traffic and even new followers. Your content is very important and be sure you get all the information out in one huge blog post.

The best advice I can give to you right now is never buy traffic, never buy likes or followers from 3rd party websites. As much as you think they will be legit ones to make your blog a huge success, they will not help you gain success. I want to do things manually because I will feel better mentally knowing that all of those hours and decisions I had to make have paid off at some point in time.

If this blog post has helped you in any way, please consider sharing it online with your followers. Sharing is caring.

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    August 3, 2016 Reply

    Hi Derek. That's great advice and I do most of that myself as well. There is one more thing that I do that I would like to share to get some additional traffic to my blogs. That is to visit other blogs and leave comments. Most of the comments that I receive come from other bloggers reciprocating on my comments that I left. It is also a great way to meet and engage with other bloggers.

    • avatar image
      Derek Price
      August 3, 2016 Reply

      That's great advice and I should of mentioned that in the blog post. Here is a tip from myself, I follow the latest blog posts from this feed and most of the time I'll reply to comments on new and older blog posts when I have something worthwhile to say.

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    Geoff Talbot
    September 27, 2016 Reply

    Great article thanks for sharing. When you divide up your time what do you think the ratio should be? 50% writing and 50% marketing? Love to know Geoff

    • avatar image
      Derek Price
      September 27, 2016 Reply

      Personally I spend about 80% writing which involves editing screenshots, editing old content as well. I show date snippet in search results so making sure older blog posts are still current with no outdated information is important. For example, Yoast SEO just updated the plugin earlier today, I updated 4 screenshots before I went to bed after looking over all the changes. I need a cup of coffee right now. Not awake

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