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Do you have a Contact Us Form on your blog? If not, why? There are a number of reasons a visitor might want to contact the owner of a blog, including questions, praise, and concerns. Without a contact form, you are completely cutting off a means to connect and engage with your visitors. There are many Contact Us plugins to be found in the WordPress database, but there is one that stands out to us; WPForms.

WPoutcast is currently using the WPForms plugin for our Contact Us form, and we have plenty of ideas on other ways to utilize it. There is both a free and paid version of the plugin, but we are only going to cover the free version below. This drag and drop technology makes it easy for any more to create a contact form. WPForms includes additional features outside of Contact Us forms, making it like using several plugins in one.

Did you know that the Jetpack plugin has a contact form module? I have not used this but just letting you know another alterative for a contact us form. Although, WPForms is a lot better and here is why.

Let’s get to walk through how easy it is to create a form with WPForms.

WPForms Point & Click Forms

This plugin makes it fun to create forms and you don’t even need to read any instructions. I’ll show you how to create a contact us form. This process should take less than five minutes!

wpforms start
Create a new form brings us to a very nice dashboard. Keep in mind some features are for the paid plugin. You can download the free version on the official WordPress plugin directory.

wp forms new

Above in orange, you will see where I marked through the setting that are including in the paid version but don’t worry. Not having access to these doesn’t hinder your ability to quickly make a contact form. After naming this form, I have 3 options to go to, as seen below.

wpform contact
I made my selection and have to wait a few seconds for the page to load. This should take less than four seconds. As I said, drag and drop technology is used for this plugin, as you can see below. You simply drag a box over, edit the content, and re-arrange the boxes to create any type of form. This allows you to have complete freedom in the layout of your form. This is refreshing, as most Contact Us Form Plugins have a preset layout that can’t be altered.

WPForm Drag & Drop

As shown above, you can scroll down to the ‘Fancy Fields’ section to edit you form even further to suit your needs. The paid version is unnecessary unless there is a specific feature that you just have to have. I’ll share a video that shows some paid features soon.

Here are even more free customization setting to personalize your form even more:

wpForm notification

You can customize the confirmation page with ease and even add links.

WPForm 101 Settings

After that page hit the save button and then click on the embed button at the top of the page to grab the shortcode. Add this into any blog post or page.


Check out this video:

Check out the paid version on the official WPForms website. I’m more than happy with the free version at this time.

Over to you. Are you going to try this plugin out? If not, what makes your current contact form plugin so special over this one?

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