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What JetPack Modules To Enable?

JetPack - Multi Purpose Plugins

With over 1 million plus downloads, the JetPack plugin is obviously popular online. There has been many reports that this plugin just eats up a lot of server resources for share web hosting bloggers. WPOutcast is on a VPS these days but when we was on shared web hosting, we didn’t experience any issues with using this plugin. The reason is because we only use 4 modules and don’t use anymore and that’s how this plugin doesn’t impact the blogs performance. This blog post will be about the 4 we enabled. Other than that, disable everything.

Site Stats Module

Jetpack Stats Example

For this module, we use the stats feature to get some fast stat’s of what’s being clicked on to determine what blog posts and pages are receiving the most traffic. Then we take a look at them and improve the post with even more information or correct information. Doesn’t take long to set this module up.

JetPack Engagement Example

For the settings, I just put a checkmark on “administrator” for the only group to have access to view the traffic stats.

In the same column near the button of the page is the only other module we have enabled for this given section.

Subscriptions Module

JetPack Subscriptions Example

This feature is needed for all blogs. When a visitor comments on a blog post, those 2 features appear below the comment box form for them to subscribe to replies. This is how blog authors can always be on top of responding to comments about the blog post they had written and commenters coming back to respond to more comments made. Below is how this looks on WPOutcast in the comment box area.

JetPack Example Subscription

Spelling & Grammar Module

jetpack proofread

Where the red arrow is pointed is a button called “proofread”, click on it and the whole blog post (not the title) is checked for grammar and you have the ability to click on the correct word to be inserted.

jetpack spelling

Even if you have hired an editor, this module is still a must have module. This is a free feature in this plugin and another great grammar/spelling tool is called Grammarly. There is no wordpress plugin though. This is why I didn’t upgrade to their paid service.

Security Protection Module

Provide increased security to your blog with the Protection feature.

jetpack spam

It’s as easy as flipping a switch. No harm and no foul.

jetpack protect

Wrapping It Up

The biggest reason for the JetPack plugin to slow down a blogs performance is having a ton of their modules activated plus being on a poor web host does not help either. I made a list of very good WordPress Hosting to use for WordPress blogs and they are affordable if you review all there packages to find something that is within your budget. Make sure you invest money in a decent web host because your uptime and pagespeed is very important these days.

Save on bandwidth or pagespeed by making sure the disabled modules are not getting loaded. Add this code to your functions.php file to make this happen.

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