Add A Q&A Section To Your Blog: Perfect Plugin For Business Bloggers

Add a Q & A Sectionss

Creating and running a forum can be an overwhelming task. The amount of time and effort required in this kind of work is a lot handle, especially if you have other full-time engagements. If you’re looking for that one on one sensation of helping others in your field, starting a Q&A like forum might be the thing for you!

This is also a great option for businesses owners, as it allows you to have that conversation with your client, and then the answers question stays published for everyone else to see. Let’s take a look at the free CM Answers plugin for WordPress. This plugin takes about five minutes to set up, and then the forum is ready to be used!

Q AND A Example

This Q&A plugin is free with a paid upgrade option to have more features. For the sake of this blog post, here is the free version that I set up on a test blog. Let’s get to the plugins features.

Q &A Features

  • Includes a views count
  • Includes an answers count
  • Administrators can moderate question & answers and can receive email notifications.
  • Users can receive notifications when answering a question pending follow-up.
  • Sorting options in the question and answer pages.
  • Template can be easily customized according to users requirements.

Notable Reasons To Use

  • Forum – Puts a lightweight and easy to use Discussion Forum on your WordPress site or blog.
  • Support Forum – Supports your users while allowing them to vote and answer existing topics that you moderate.
  • Community – Adds a discussion forum to your site that allows your members to start their own conversations and ask questions.
  • Questions & Answers – Users can answer questions sent in by other users.
  • Customer Support – Support for retail customer’s questions.
  • StackOverflow – Adds a StackOverflow style forum to your site.
  • Paid Support – Charge users for posted questions & answers.
  • Anonymous Posting – Support anonymous posting with additional add-ons.

The premium features for the CM Answers plugin is a longer list and actually might be worth the small investment if you are serious about creating an outstanding Q&A forum. On my test blog, the free version is installed and set up. Here are some screen shots!

After installation:

CM Answers Registration box

It might be a good idea to watch the video that is on this page before continuing.

cm answers settings

Customize the notifications:

CM Answers notifications

Do take a small amount of time to watch this video.

Visit the CM Answers homepage to learn more about this plugin and the Q&A “Pro” version. I’m not satisfied with this free version as the features in the pro version can do so much more.

Are you currently using this plugin? Let me know what you think about this plugin or if it has helped your blog/business in any way!

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