Different Ways To Make Money Online With The StudioPress Affiliate Program

Ways To Earn With StudioPress program

Being a ProPlus member of StudioPress gives me free access to 97+ themes to use for myself plus more themes added in the future. With that being said, this means being a StudioPress Affiliate Program approved member allows me to market their themes online. This has given me endless possibilities for earning revenue, but there are two main ways to cash in on promoting their themes. I’ll even share with you the bonus footer tip I use for monetization.

First things first, if you have not signed up for Shareasale, please do so now because this is where the StudioPress affiliate program is. You might not be approved into the StudioPress affiliate program right away but you do need to get approved. To put yourself in a better position at getting approved quickly, make sure you fill out your Shareasale profile fully and truthfully.

What sparked me to write a blog post about joining this program is that I logged into my account to check for new sales and made a commission today from StudioPress. Note that there are ton’s of affiliate programs to join on Shareasale and a majority of the programs that I have belonged to for years are on this site.

StudioPress Sites Comission

Benefits OF StudioPress Affiliate Program

  • 35% commission (If you promote the ProPlus affiliate program, the commission is much higher and residual if the affiliate renews 1 year later)
  • 60-day cookie tracking. This means if someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a theme 59 days later, you will still get that commission, regardless of what other links that user may have clicked. Just pray that person doesn’t delete their cookies between now and then.
  • Sub-Affiliate Program – Sign up people under you in which they promote themes themselves and receive a 5% commission from their sale. Build an army of sub-affiliates and you will earn money for doing nothing.
  • Once a month, the StudioPress affiliate manager sends out a newsletter with information to help you become a better marketer of their themes.

Marketing Materials

With this Affiliate Program, you will get tools to help you succeed. If you just want to use banner images with your affiliate link, you will have plenty to choose from in all kinds of sizes for blogs and websites.

Personally, I don’t think this banner is a good choice to place in each blog post. It is a waste of space and I’d rather add my MailChimp Autoresponder form instead. Still, it is an option you can use.

Two Tier Affiliate Program

I mentioned earlier that they have a two-tier affiliate program which means that if you promote your StudioPress Affiliate link and someone joins the StudioPress Affiliate Program, you will automatically receive 5% commission off their commissions plus earn $1 per sub-affiliate sign-up. What I don’t like is that there is no banners for the two-tier program, only one link.

StudioPress Affiliate Numbers

Banner Images

As of writing this blog post, there are currently 101 images to promote all their themes, which come in various sizes.

studiopress banners

New banner images are usually added a week after they announce a new theme on their official blog.

Text Links

Currently, there are 70 text links to promote StudioPress themes. Keep in mind the themes that they no longer support/update have been removed from their affiliate program. This is why this count is lower than what is seen in the Pro Plus Package.

studiopress programs

Wrapping This Up

There are multiple ways to promote themes from their marketplace and you will find that StudioPress is the most trusted source for premium themes that are easily customizable. There are endless tutorials online to enhance a theme. We even have some tutorials on WPoutcast! Do explore our Genesis Framework Tutorials category for free advice.

I won’t go into my income from the affiliate program, but the commissions are big per sale plus your sub-affiliates make you money while you are sleeping. You have 2 ways of earning money just by joining their affiliate program and promoting it. Last month (11/2016) StudioPress released their first official eCommerce theme ever and plan to add more in the future.  There is also a possibility of adding eCommerce support to a few older themes when they get updated.

Business themes will be getting an overall better design, plus you can now target shop owners, getting them to switch to StudioPress and purchase through your affiliate link.

If this blog post helped you in any way in regards to earn money online, do share this post with your followers.

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