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What Is StudioPress Sites

So, what is the Pro Plus Package all about? What I can tell you, from my experience, is that the StudioPress team came up with a great concept. If you’re a web developer that customise themes for a living or even a blogger who loves changing their theme, the StudioPress Pro Plus Package will save you money.

With the Pro Plus membership, you have access to nearly 100 themes. For web developers, this means you can show your clients a vast array of layout options and customize the theme that best suits their needs.

This package is just a one-time payment and you get unlimited updates, themes and support for life plus every 3rd party theme they release in their marketplace. The cost pays for itself over time.

If you are not currently a StudioPress client, then I’d suggest that you read this post on Why Choose The Genesis Framework. It was the best decision that I ever made.

Pro Plus Package Details and Pricing

I bought my package during a promotional sale at a discounted price years ago.

StudioPress Billing

Right now when I log in to my account, I get a list of every single theme they have created plus any 3rd party themes added. I can download anyone I want for free! (currently 97 available)

my Themes

Get this, you only pay a one-time fee of $499.95 for unlimited updates & theme access. Some of the old themes are even being updated to HTML 5. Just remember this, StudioPress themes are easily customizable and you can do some much with them. I had no coding knowledge prior to buying this package. But, through the easy-to-use design and some research of my own, I feel very comfortable editing the coding of my theme.

ambiance pro example

If you are not familiar with adding codes into your theme, get free help on the StudioPress community forum. It’s there to give you free support from other customers and developers who code their own themes for the framework.

Pro Plus Package

My Real Thoughts

As a Pro Plus member, I can at any time use any theme they have announced on their website for my blogs. It costs me nothing since a few years ago (2012) I bought the Pro Plus Package when it was much cheaper and had no annual fee. When a new theme launches from the StudioPress Sites team or any 3rd party theme, I can download it immediately instead of paying $99.95 or higher to get that new theme. Too bad I’m not in the web design business! I could charge my clients extra money for themes I pay nothing for and increase the invoice amount when customizing the theme. Web developers, keep that in mind.

Think about it, the Pro Plus package is actually worth the price tag. One or two themes are released every month on top of all the previous ones you have access to, and as always, you have lifetime support. Over time, they update some of the most popular older theme to be compatible with the framework updates.

Idea’s For Developers

Let’s say that you have a client that needs a new theme, you could first mention the benefits of using the Framework and then once you get the ok from the client, tell him or her to search the StudioPress Marketplace for a theme they would like customized. (feed them your StudioPress affiliate link to go to StudioPress if client wants to buy it themselves) If they tell you the theme they would like, you then download it for free and charge the client an initial fee for getting the theme. Then charge them your normal fees for customizations.   This is how you earn your money back. I am not a developer, but I feel this is an excellent idea for the business.

The only downside to the client not buying the theme is that only the person who purchased the theme can get email support from the staff. Their support forum is where you can get free help on themes if you didn’t actually purchase it, as no moderators or staff ask new members this question. In order to use the ticket system for one on one help from paid staff, you must have an account with StudioPress.

As a Pro member, you have access to their backend goodies and get a lot of freebies. Here is a snapshot of some backend stuff.

StudioPress Dashboard

Purchase the Pro Plus Package today and have access to all themes, both current and future, with unlimited updates included. This package is the best deal. I have made my money back since I purchased the pro plus package. Everything now is pure profit.

Happy Designing.

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