Home Quest – A Premium Real Estate Theme

Home Quest

The Home Quest theme is a premium Real Estate theme that packs a huge punch in regards to features and design. The homepage is set up to showcase properties as well as easily navigation to other areas of the blog. The point of having a premium theme like this is to grab the visitor’s attention or get them interested in your services.

Let’s talk about Home Quest and what exactly it offers. On the homepage, the first widget is a listings widget. There are features in this widget where you can narrow down your search for a home by using details. There is a beautiful background image behind this widget. Under this widget are 4 widgets side-by-side which can be used for the latest listings that have been added. Use these widgets for any special properties to attract more interest. With extensive documentation, you can set up this theme in a matter of hours.

Let’s get to some of the Home Quest theme features before you explore the demo version.

Home Quest Theme Features

  • Pre-Made Styles
  • You can input property specific details for every entry on your website
  • Search Integrated Slider
  • Hand Crafted Icons
  • Easy to Change Backgrounds
  • Properties Integrated on Maps
  • Plus much more, do explore the demo version

Below are some screenshots of this theme in action.

property details

Part of the homepage:

home quest homepage

The listing…

real estate listing

Additional Information

This is not a Genesis Framework theme but is still a child theme. You can still customize the HomeQuest theme with plugins such as the ones WPOutcast is using or search through our WordPress Plugins category.

As with any theme, making sure the SEO is done right is very important. There is one plugin we have recently used and one we are currently using, both are listed below. Both are step-by-step guides so you will have the plugin set up correctly for best performance.

My final Thoughts

Overall, downloading the HomeQuest theme will give you a premium Real Estate theme at no additional costs. I don’t know too many businesses that offer a premium theme like this one. Go check out the demo version to see what this theme has to offer.

If you are currently using this theme, share your URL in the comment section and I’ll give a short review on your blog with my suggestions for making it even better.

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