How To Customize The Footer Text On A Genesis Framework Theme

As with certain WordPress theme developers, you either have permission to remove the footer copyright text, edit certain parts of it or completely change it. Before touching your theme’s copyright text in your footer, check with the theme developer or business to make sure you are not breaking any rules by editing it. If you purchase a theme from the StudioPress Marketplace, I know you can modify the footer text. You could even edit your theme’s official link to your own affiliate link. In doing this, you showcase the theme you are using and earn additional income from your affiliate program. Get creative with the footer text.

Default Footer Text

Even though WPOutcast is using a very customized 3rd party theme, changing the footer text is allowed. I customized it to suite this blog.

The easiest way to customize your footer text with a StudioPress Sites theme is by installing the Genesis Simple Edits plugin. This plugin makes it easy to edit the footer text and other aspects of your blog.

Genesis Simple Edits Plugin

simple edits
Below is a list of some of the editing options with this plugin. Each one provides an easy to use shortcode to edit that particular section of your blog. As you can see, this plugin provides more options than just editing the footer text.

new footer

Prefer Just A Code?

If you prefer to just use a code instead of installing yet another plugin then copy this bit of code into your functions.php file and edit it before saving.

This plugin can also save your blog from catastrophe. Messing around with the code of your theme can be dangerous, and one wrong move could mean months of data lost. This plugin allows you to change the appearance of your blog without touching the coding.

I always suggest adding your disclaimer and private policy page link in your footer text. These pages aren’t meant to get visitors or subscribers but can save you if a legal issue were to arise.

How To Create Those Pages

In the event that you don’t have access to a lawyer, there are good ways to get these professional pages online for free or for a one-time fee. Both these pages need to be on your blog to notice ad networks and notify people of certain things when they on your blog. Plus a private policy page is 1 of the requirements for having a Google AdSense Account.

Once you add links to these pages on your blog, you are complying with some laws you never knew existed. If you plan to incorporate your blog into a real business then I’d suggest you have your lawyer create all the policy pages to protect your business from legal issues.

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