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Clipper Theme

The Clipper theme is a professionally created coupon theme built for Business oriented bloggers. If you have ever wanted to start a coupon blog now is your changes; this theme has everything you could need. This is a saturated niche but if you are a serious blogger, you can make it work in a big way. On the homepage,

On the homepage, there is a slider box that rotates the coupons that you created. This is perfect for displaying the most popular coupons or greatest deals. The rest of the homepage shows the featured ones along with a side column.

The theme developer showcases Google AdSense in certain areas so will also have the ability to insert ads. Let me get to some features and screenshots. Remember you can customize this theme as much as you want to once you own it. The demo version is a taste of what this theme can offer.

Clipper Theme Features

  • Monetize Your Coupon Site
  • Advanced Link Cloaking & Tracking
  • Dedicated Store & Category Pages
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Custom Write Panel
  • Color Schemes & Layouts
  • Submit Coupon Form
  • Easy Administration

More features below:

coupon features

Some benefits:

clipper benifits

I like how you can organize the coupons into stores and make it easy for your visitors looking for coupons for specific stores. Here is a snapshot of that.

organize stores

The settings are easy to figure out and set up. I won’t go into details but here is one view from the admin dashboard.

coupon dashboard

Additional Information

This is not a Genesis Framework theme but is still a child theme. You can still customize this theme with plugins such as the ones WPOutcast is using or search through our WordPress Plugins category.

As with any theme, making sure the SEO is done right is very important. There is one plugin we have recently used and one we are currently using; both are listed below. Here are step by step guides so you will have the plugin set up correctly for best performance.

My final Thoughts

Overall, the Clipper Theme will give you a professional coupon business at a very affordable price, plus you can customize this theme even further to suit your business needs. Go check out the demo version to see what this theme has to offer.

If you are currently using the Clipper theme, share your URL in the comment section and I’ll give a short review on your blog with my suggestions for making it even better.

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  • avatar image
    Marry Winget
    March 8, 2017 Reply

    I love this theme. Thanks for sharing this.....

    • avatar image
      Derek Price
      March 8, 2017 Reply

      Let me know if you use it. I'd love to give a review of your blog in the comment section.

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