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architect Business Theme

The Architect theme is a mobile responsive Business theme created for several business niches. The homepage showcases images, promotes your brand, advertise services, and so much more. The best part about this theme is you have a “theme options” panel with most of the theme’s features built-in, so all you have to do is enable certain features. This means you can remove more plugins which overall, helps the speed of your blog. Architect is an SEO optimized theme that is built for speed and affordability.

Good things to know about this theme are that the homepage’s if set up like the demo will make a killer page to draw in subscribers or potential revenue from each visitor. You need to let the creative juices flow as the features are there to help you have a unique look from your competitors. The Google map attached to the contact page I would disable this as it could affect page speed. The demo version has no plugins installed so it’s fast. Just list your business address instead.

Here are the Architect theme features:

Architect Theme Features

  • Retina Images
  • Count (see homepage for demo)
  • Contact form
  • Google maps
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Drag and drop homepage widgets
  • SEO blog layout (scheme included)
  • Mobile-responsive

fast loading

One homepage widget where you get to brag about your business success. This helps someone determine if you are qualified and have been around awhile.

True Facts Example

More features:

clean code

parallax section

Additional Information

This is not a Genesis Framework theme but is still a child theme. You can still customize this theme with plugins such as the ones WPOutcast is using or search through our WordPress Plugins category.

As with any theme, making sure the SEO is done right is very important. There is one plugin we have recently used and one we are currently using; both are listed below. Here are step by step guides so you will have the plugin set up correctly for best performance.

My final Thoughts

Overall, the Architect Theme will give you a professional business look at a very affordable price, plus you can customize this theme even further to suit your business needs. Go check out the demo version’s to see what this theme has to offer.

If you are currently using the Architect theme, share your URL in the comment section and I’ll give a short review on your blog with my suggestions for making it even better.

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