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Have you been blogging for a while and looking to earn an income or just add another income stream to your existing ones? There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress code index and you can earn commission for helping sell those plugins to new clients.

Some WordPress plugins have a free version but have a pro version to gain more features. I am sure you have run across these plugins in your time blogging. As a matter of fact, I did this a few times. If you are using a paid plugin and they offer an affiliate program such as comet cache , why not join their affiliate program and write a review like we have done.

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This is the best way to promote plugin affiliate programs. Use the product yourself to be able to give a good review and be able to answer any questions that are asked in the comment section. Answering people’s questions is a way of making a sale because you are clearing any doubts some people have about the plugin. Even just adding a banner image is sometimes not enough to make a commission. Reviews work best.

Below are both marketplaces and plugins that have affiliate programs. I have used each one listed in my years of blogging. I know these sites can convert the visitor if they willing to invest money.

WordPress Affiliate Programs

  • Social Warfare – Excellent affiliate program and product. We are using this plugin on WPOutcast right now. 30% commission (My Review)
  • Envato Marketplace – So far, I have bought 2 plugins from their marketplace. Both plugins I have on my test blog at the moment but used them in the past and will eventually again on this blog. One of the plugins I recently did a write-up about. The Fanciest Author Box and the Smart Cleanup Tools plugin. There are even themes you can promote on their marketplace plus so much more.
  • Revive Pro – Again, we are using this plugin right now on this blog. What it does is share old blog posts automatically to a few social networks. This is a popular plugin because it’s like your own social media marketing employee that you control yourself. 55% commission on every sale. (My Review)
  • OIO Publisher – I have been a customer since this plugin first came out in beta mode. It’s a plugin in which you can sell banner and text ads from your blog and you keep all the profits. No middle made, everything can be set up automatically. I’ll use this plugin on WPOutcast when I wish to sell advertisement space. 50% commission on every sale made. (My Review)
  • Short Pixel – Out of all the image optimization plugins I have used, this one is the best one and our current active plugin. receive 50% of all new sales. (My Review)
  • Monarch – Currently not using this plugin but I still have my membership and plan to use the plugin eventually. This affiliate program is residual income if the customer stays a customer for 1 year and renews the membership. 50% commission. (My Review)
  • Bloom – Currently disabled on this blog as I am testing a new plugin to see which one I like better. This plugin is related to the previous one I mentioned above and the same commission rate if the member renews their subscription year to year. (My Review)
  • WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner – I just love this plugin, when you remove plugins from your blog and themes, some junk is still left that could affect your blog’s performance or conflict with existing coding. I run this once a month on my blog no matter what changes I make. This is a great affiliate program to promote because it helps make blogs better in a way. 40% commission per sale. (My Review)

Plenty of Opportunities

There are plenty of ways to make make money from blogging and plugins is just 1 way. Keep in mind that you should actually use the product before promoting it. If the product does not do what it says or makes you loose subscribers then it’s not a good plugin so test things out before putting a name behind the plugin. I love investing money into plugins because I love testing things out and always taking risks.

If I don’t like a plugin, I will make that known either on the blog or through my social media profiles. Sharing negative feedback about a plugin is one way to get the developer to listen to its clients to make changes.

Other marketplaces to promote WordPress stuff

  • Mojo Themes – Market any theme online and earn $
  • InkThemes – Another awesome marketplace that isn’t just for WordPress themes.
  • Themesnap – Another place for quality themes that pays
  • Creative Market – Fantastic WordPress Marketplace (Earn Good)
  • Code Grape – Buy and sell scripts, purchase themes plus much more. A huge potential to earn big with this affiliate program

Have you had success with any WordPress affiliate programs? Do you do what I do, use the product before blogging about it?

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