How To Use The WPSuper Cache Plugin – Increase Performance

How To Set Up The WP Super Caches

Page Speed. How many times have you heard that page speed matters when it comes to running a blog? You should not avoid this piece of advice and embrace it. There are many plugins created to help with page speed and it really comes down to preference. One factor to keep in mind is choosing a Web Host. We are using Cloudways a cloud hosting plan that is awesome in itself. Getting to caching plugins, I have blogged about certain plugins that will improve your blog’s performance and now I am going to show you how to set up the WP Super Cache. This plugin is maintained by Automattic which is run by WordPress staff.

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How To Set Up WP Super Cache

The first thing we need to do is install the plugin. Navigate to the plugins tab and click on Add New as we need to install the WP Super Cache plugin.

wp super cache

Install the WP Super Cache plugin and activate it. You should now be on this page or navigate to the plugin’s settings page to begin configuration.

super cache settings

Let’s get started. Click on Caching On (Recommended) button and save changes to activate the plugin. Of course, there are certain settings we will enable for best performance. Click on the Advanced tab and enable the following settings.

Caching settings first half

Next section:

caching settings 2nd half

Scroll down a little and click on the Update Status button to save all of these changes above. You are now done with the Advanced tab settings. For the CDN section, if you have one then edit those settings, if your blog is not using a CDN then skip this section. It won’t hurt your blog’s performance at all if you don’t have a CDN. We are using Maxcdn so we would edit this tab.

I would advise you get a CDN as it helps make your GTMetrix score a near perfect like what we have. If you do have a CDN and enabled the setting, make sure you register on GTmetrix and add your CDN URL into your user account settings so when you check your score, it will process the score and take into account your CDN settings. That’s how our blog has a near perfect score.

GTMetrix March

I can help improve your GTmetrix score in a half hour for $50. Keep in mind I will do what I can within the time limit. Depending on your blog it will be a little improvement or a huge one. I will also provide some tips that I would do that I didn’t have time for. Email me and provide a link to this blog post so I know you read this post and want my help.

Do you have any questions about this caching plugin or another one? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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