Image Optimization Plugins – Regain Speed & Disk Space

One of the most important things to do on your blog that will increase your overall performance and also save displays is Image Optimization. This plays a huge role in rankings as well as user experience. Think of it as this way: when you find an answer to your question in Google and click on that link, you expect to go straight to the content fast to read it. Waiting over 5 to 8 seconds for the page to load is annoying and that visitor will just leave and not come back.

Speed is important and you see a lot of bloggers talking about pagespeed. Today I would like to mention image optimization plugins; this type of plugin basically compress your image so it’s small in size without compromising the quality, thus saving you disk space on your web host and increase the loading speed of the page.

I have picked 4 plugins that are very good, some are free with paid options and some are paid plugins.

4 Premium Image Optimization Plugins

shortpixel plugin

This is the plugin that we are currently using and you can see screenshots of this plugin in our Short Pixel tutorial. This plugin (paid version) is excellent and efficiently reduces the size of images. Here are the statistics:

Here are the statistics:

short pixel 1-27-2017 stats

I would not recommend the free version as it is far less quality. The package prices are cheap. Visit their homepage to learn a lot more.

smush image

Smush is a free plugin with the option of upgrading but I have found the free version is suitable enough. You can see how much you have saved on compression and space on the plugin settings homepage.

wpsmush stats

There are some settings you can control with this free plugin.

smush settings 101

Here is a video that includes more information on Smush Image Compression.

Kraken images

Kraken is both a free and a paid image optimization plugin. You’ll have to determine if you want to invest or not. I’d suggest test out the free version before investing money.

Here are some features that caught my eye:

  1. Dedicated Infrastructure
  2. Image Resizing
  3. No Vendor Lock-In
  4. Event Callbacks via Webhooks
  5. Cloud Storage
  6. Intelligent Lossy Optimization
  7. WordPress and Magento Plugins
  8. Optimization Statistics

Optimus optimization

Convincing advantages for a yearly membership that is very affordable.

Optimus advantages

I’ve heard good reviews of this company but never actually used their optimization service. Right now, Short Pixels as outlined in my first plugin is what WPOutcast is using and is truly the best plugin for what you pay. I have had zero problems with the plugin and the images are optimized as soon as you upload them.

Carefully review these suggested plugins and see which one suites your needs. Let me know if you need help with the Short Pixel one.

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