Is your blog running slow? Do you need to free up bandwidth and storage space with your Web host? Then you’re in luck! WPoutcast offers an image optimization service to decrease bandwidth usage and improve storage space. This will allow your blog to perform faster and rank better! Keep reading to discover all our included services.

As many of you know, I have been in the blogging industry for many years. In this time, I have become very familiar with image optimization and how to do a clean sweep of the MySQL database. This area can become bogged down over time due to the installation and deletion of various plugins. When you delete a plugin, that doesn’t mean that all the data used for that plugin is gone, which can often leave junk files in your MySQL tables. For this service, WPoutcast will be utilizing a paid plugin to assist in the cleaning and optimization of your blog. Since this is a paid plugin that WPoutcast has the rights to, the plugin will be removed from your site after the service is completed.

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Our goal here is simple: To improve the blogging experience for everyone we come in contact with, whether it be on the blog or through our services.

WPOutcast’s Deep Cleaning & Image Optimization

Listed below is what we will be doing on your blog and how that process works. At the bottom of the page, you will find FAQs to clear up any questions you might have. If you need additional information after reading this post, please feel free to reach out to me here.

  • Will install my premium Deep Cleaning database cleaner plugin and remove all the unnecessary junk from your blog. You won’t even notice it’s gone! This plugin cleans ‘behind the scenes’ removing leftover bits of data without affecting your working data or plugins. I will tweak any fixable issues I find on your blog and provide a detailed explanation of the work I did. Trust me, I won’t leave you in the dark. This plugin will be deleted upon completion of the service.

  • Will install my favorite and trustworthy image optimization plugin. I will set up the plugin’s features according to your blogs needs and run the optimization service on all uploaded images so you don’t have to! After this, whenever you upload an image, it will optimize itself. All you have to do is add your image URL into the blog post or page. Everything is done automatically.

  • Will install my favorite lazy load plugin and set it up according to your blog’s needs. This plugin has a lot of settings that will help your blog’s speed when loading images, side column widgets, and gravatar images throughout the blog. If you upload video’s on your blog, this plugin has custom settings to optimize these as well, which I will enable!

  • Will install the same back to top Smooth Scroll plugin WPOutcast is using. It’s a light weight plugin with no settings needed. This plugin is better than using an anchor text link in your footer. If you did this, I will remove that after activating the plugin. Scroll down the page further and look at the bottom right-hand side for an example of this plugin in action. You really need this type of button to give your visitor a fast way to get to the top of the page, where your menu bar and links are located. This is a simple way to drive up traffic to your most important pages.

  • If you just happen to have the Yoast Free or Premium SEO plugin installed, I will go through every setting and make sure it’s set up correctly for better attention from the search engine bots. Please remember if I change some settings, you might have a little dip in rankings for up to 2 weeks but it will be worth it. If you have another SEO plugin installed, I will not touch the settings as I am very familiar with the Yoast plugin from years of using it. However I will import those settings over to the Yoast SEO plugin and finish setting up the plugin.

I will look at your other plugins and if you just happen to have some that I know really well and your settings can be tweaked for better performance or for security purpose’s, I will make the changes. I can’t let an unsafe blog go by me if I am working on one.

How Will this service help my blog

The whole reason for this specific type of service is to clean up all the junk in your MySQL tables from deleted plugins, deletes all post revisions and optimize your MySQL database tables. Basically, I am taking all the junk food out of your blog, giving it a healthier (and faster) life.

Optimizing images is a great way to decrease bandwidth while saving storage space. If you are on shared web hosting, you may only have a certain amount of storage available before your Web host asks you to upgrade. WPOutcast is using Cloudways for hosting this blog. All the plugins that will not be removed with this service are updated often and can really help your blog out in regards to improving page loading time. It won’t make your blog load faster than a speeding bullet but you will notice the difference.

Optional Service If Requested

If you want me to install a theme for you at no additional cost while purchasing all the services list above, you can view the official StudioPress Sites Marketplace and pick out any theme that you want. Let me know when you email me after you purchase our service so I can get the download ready to upload. In order to use this theme, if your blog does not have the Genesis Framework installed, I will not install the theme and skip doing this bonus service.

The catch is that you get a free premium theme and no instruction guide for it. I am unable to provide the instruction guide as you need to purchase the theme itself to have access to it. Other than that, you’ll have to fool around with the widget sections to customize it more than I will upon installing the theme.

If the theme has been updated and I notice this, I will send an updated download file to the members on our newsletter list. So if you want updates, get on our mailing list. That’s the other catch to getting a free theme.


  • Do you offer refunds If I don’t like this service?

No refunds will be offered with this service provided.

  • Do I need to give you my web hosting FTP login information?

No, I just need you to create me an admin account using for the email address. Once I have the password and verify you paid for the service, I will begin working on your blog as soon as I get online. When service is completed, delete my admin account as I won’t need it ever again.

  • I don’t have PayPal, Do you provide other methods of payment?

At this time, PayPal is our only payment method.

  • How long does this service take to complete?

Less than an hour depending on certain things, can’t give a true number because this varies from blog to blog.

  • Can I purchase just 1 service listed above?

No, everything listed on this page you will get. If by sure luck that you have one of the plugins that I will install already, I will go through every setting to make sure you are getting the best out of that plugin.

  • Can you fix other issues for me?

No, you get the service mentioned on this page and if any issues prevent me from completing the services mentioned, I will fix those so I can complete all my tasks.

I’m Convinced, How Do I get Started?

Cost $50.00 USD

This cost reflects the premium paid plugin I will be using as well as the time I will spend going line by line, verifying and deleting the junk files.

For the other plugins, I make sure I am setting up those features for you to get the most performance out of them. You will notice a difference in page loading time or even images loading much faster in blog posts and pages.

So, if you are struggling to improve your blog’s speed and performance, let a professional do the job!

Things Needed To Get The Service

  • Send in a payment of $50 via PayPal

  • Create an admin account on your blog using as the email address and send me the password. Once I can get logged in, I will verify the payment was made from you and the service will begin.

  • I am not online 24 hours a day so if you send the payment and an email to me, do be patient for the service to get started.

If you have any further questions, just send me an email. At this current time, the services mentioned on this page is all that I provide.


I will give you the download link via. email to my Amazon book for getting started in the information technology field for free. Even if this is not related to your niche or career path, you will learn a lot about me and about what I do besides blogging. I have 16+ years in the IT industry. In this book, I share my story and some tips I have learned over the years. I’d ask you not to redistributed the book as I have it copyrighted.

All advice in that book is what helped me get to where I am in my career path.