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Welcome to WPOutcast, a blog dedicated to helping you learn and grow as a blogger, as well as sharing themes for the Genesis Framework and non framework themes. You will find themes from the official StudioPress Sites website and other 3rd party developers, plus non framework themes I love, plugin tutorials & tutorials with step by step guides, plus tips and tricks to becoming a better blogger. WPOutcast is keen on providing something for everyone. If it’s not on here, feel free to message me or send me pictures of what you are looking for. I would be more than happy to help find a Genesis Framework theme that closely resembles the image you share or create a new guide for a plugin or feature you are struggling with.

Here is what you will find on WPOutcast:

  • Themes in multiple niches ranging from travel to professionally designed Business and Corporate themes. We are trying to build up a huge database of themes while removing old ones that decided to close up show Content is updated daily.
  • Find tutorials on how to set up certain plugins, tweaking your Genesis Framework theme, and guides geared towards the whole WordPress community. You’re more than welcomed to contribute to our blog.
  • Tutorials explicitly for Genesis Framework theme owners to enhance their blog or to get new knowledge of what you can do with your theme. We have a category just for these.
  • New to WordPress, our WordPress Tutorials section will help you gain new-found knowledge of WordPress and even provide some useful software that makes running and or setting up a blog very easy.
  • You will find honest comments from the Admin; that’s me! I give honest and straight forward answers to all of my followers. The goal here is to improve your blogging experience as a whole.
  • We provide a service to WordPress blog owners, get the Database Cleaner & Image Optimization Service and help your blog overall.
  • Other themes not powered by the Genesis Framework.

This blog has opened up my eyes that there are truly hundreds of quality themes for the Genesis Framework out there and lots of ways to customize them. Come follow my journey on this blog as I look at various themes and tutorials that I find beneficial.

Here is a little more information about me.

I’m actually a computer expert with 16 years of experience in this field and have many years of WordPress experience.

Sometime in 2014, I had purchased this domain name and still to this day, I have no clue to why I picked the name. I think my imaginary friend told me to pick that URL. Sssssssh, stop talking Derek. Enough about choosing the name, It seemed like the best fit at that current time. The domain registrar is the popular Godaddy company.

If you are not familiar with the Genesis Framework then I would suggest you look through our guide on Why Choose The Genesis Framework

My formal introduction.


My name is Derek (aka snakeair on most forums). Be aware that this page is a lengthy one. If you want to skip all the hype about myself, check out our categories and pages for some awesome stuff. I am also a Super Moderator on the V7N Webmaster Forum and a Configuration Team Lead at an IT company. I’m even an Author on Amazon. You can connect with me over on LinkedIn or my other social media accounts listed at the bottom of this page.

Derek's Mugshot

The Birth Of WPOutcast

I started this blog because out of frustration while searching for a new Genesis Framework theme for another blog of mine. Here is the scoop on why I was going bonkers. While searching Google and going through multiple theme marketplaces I didn’t really find what I was looking for, these marketplaces were so bloated with ads and upgrade features that I couldn’t take it and a light bulb came on. Why not start a blog and share all Genesis Framework themes that I come across each month.

Since this blog’s birth, WPOutcast has since then added new categories for non-theme related blog posts with useful tutorials and step by step instructions to follow. We aim to help each and every one of our visitors with useful guides geared towards new WordPress blog admins.

Here is the first version of the early days before I started to dab with code and it was a learn as you go experience.

oldWP Blog Theme

Feel free to browse around the blog to find something that suits your niche. You can follow me or add me as your friend over on BlogEngage. This is a social site made just for bloggers. I share all blog posts on there. Username is “snakeair“.

After blogging for years, I’ve learned that some stuff is truly needed to either make you money or to make your blog better overall. I have listed all the resources that I have once used or still use, including all the  fantastic affiliate programs in which I still get commissions from. Visit our resource page and see what programs I have been associated with for years.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please get in touch with me. There are a lot of beautiful themes and tutorials on WPOutcast.

  • Check out the Plugins that are powering WPOutcast. Many of these even have tutorials on how to set them up!

Derek’s Online History

It’s the year 2016 and I have been online since the year 2000; I think. Back in the year 2000ish, lot’s of forums were starting up and making their presence known. Only the strong survived as most forums saw a loss in new registrations, quality posters, and couldn’t earn enough to cover operating costs. So, they stopped running their forum and moved onto other projects. I basically did this. Near the end of the year 2001, I got the vBulletin forum software and, of course, I had already bought a domain.

vbulletin Old School

(Wow, VB so different back then, I remember the early days of this forum software all to well. lol)

Now I did do my research before starting a forum. I had gotten a great web host (Ok it was cheap at first but I moved to another one after revenue went up) and got myself a web designer to create a custom theme. Finally, after two months I was able to put the forum live on the internet. After a year of running the forum, I decided to sell it because I had lost interest in running a forum. I made a decent profit and didn’t start a new project right after.

What  did I end up doing after getting out of the forum admin business? I joined a support forum for a free remotely hosted forum company and started helping out in the support forum. Six months later I got noticed by paid staff and became a Global moderator and have helped thousands of admins with their forums. Out of the blue, I caught wind of a new CMS, I felt the hair sticking up on the back of my neck. This new CMS was a type of  “blog software” called WordPress. I did some research on WordPress and very shortly fell in love with it. I haven’t looked back since.

Once I started my first blog, I kept on blogging for years. I started a new blog about every two years, until now, as WPoutcast is the only blog I operate. I will never lose my passion for blogging. Blogging makes me happy. I enjoy helping people grow and understand the blogging world, as well as providing a platform for themes that isn’t overrun with other content.

Recommended Books To Read

Bragging time! I have published a book over on Amazon: Get Started in the IT Industry: From Summer School Graduate to Team Lead.

Another great book, of which I have both versions (1st & 2nd edition) is a tell-all guide by the CEO of ShoutMeLoud helping any blogger learn all about affiliate marketing world, plus so much more advice from a well-respected blogger. No joke, the book is perfect for novice and intermediate bloggers. Purchase the Affiliate Marketing eBook and get started making money online.

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Happy theme & tutorial searching. :)

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