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Writing blog posts every day is not an easy task, for any blogger. It takes time to cultivate a new blog post that is worth sharing with your readers and the world. If you are like myself, who has a full-time job that consumes most of my free time during the week and you don’t have the time to create four blog posts during the week because of other obligations. Writing a blog post is not a 20-minute task, and time is precious during those weekday hours. Not to mention the time it takes to promote your blog and brand. This is why I schedule blog posts at least a week in advance.

Do what I have been doing for the past few months. I complete 3 or 4 blog posts on my days off work and schedule them on certain dates to be published automatically. Typically I spend one of my days off doing all of the writing or just finish up a few blog posts that I had started earlier in the week but stopped after the first paragraph. You can also solve some time management issues by hiring a freelancer or a virtual assistant.

When an idea comes to mind, I need to put that in motion before the idea is lost. Going back to an incomplete blog posts, with only the title and first paragraph, jogs my memory. I am always able to complete those blog posts. Doing things this way, I have time to finish online forums, chat with family, and promote the blog because I know I have a weeks worth of blog posts already done and can still edit them before they go live.

How To Schedule Blog Posts?

Click Edit like shown in the image:

From the screenshot above, you can tell that the next 5 days already have a blog post ready to go. Technically I can stay away from writing a blog post for a few days. It’s rather simple to schedule a blog post. Follow the screenshots before for this easy process.

After you have chosen the date that you want a particular blog post to be published, simply click on the “ok” button to save the date and then click on the “Schedule” button to complete this process.


Rinse and repeat this process as you start to complete more and more blog posts. The best part about using the scheduling feature is that you don’t have to be on your computer to publish it. It’s published live on the intended date and time you specify. This is what I did when I was out-of-town for a week on vacation. No one really knew that I was on vacation because the blog was operating as normal. Send your blog post to a few social networks automatically with the Revive Pro plugin. We use this as well and it’s a hands off plugin.

But Wait, There is More


I have no problems scheduling posts to keep myself organized but sometimes when I want to see what I have already scheduled without looking at the blog posts page, I just look at my calendar made possible by the Edit Flow plugin. All you have to do is enable the calendar feature, edit the settings if you want to change the defaults and then view the calendar.


To look at the calendar, just navigate to the “dashboard” menu link in your admin dashboard which is the very first menu link and click on “Calendar” to see all scheduled blog posts that you enabled.


Yikes, just gave away some dates of when I am publishing content. The calendar can be filtered to showcase anything that’s in your drop down menu selection. By viewing this calendar, I can do some tasks like move blog posts to certain dates and vise versa with no distractions.

Get this, if you click on a blog post, you’ll get some details and then be able to click a link to take further action. See the image below.


Over-all scheduling blog post has helped me so much in regards to running this blog and being able to have time to do other things offline besides take a few days off from blogging altogether. How about you? Do you schedule blog post?

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