The Official Google AdSense Plugin: Choose Ad Locations Easily

Looking to make some extra income on your blog without doing much work? Invest your time in using the official Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress. Installing and setting up this plugin doesn’t take a lot of time, however, having an already approved Adsense account is needed for this plugin to work. Otherwise, after you sign up, you’ll have to follow Google’s approval process. Once you have an approved account, this is the plugin to use. There are other options that are compatible with Google Adsense, but this one is created by Google and limits the number of ads per page. This keeps you from running into ad violations with Google, as there is a limit to how many ads you are alloted to run per page.

While installing this plugin on WPOutcast, I ran into an error message when I was trying to save my changes to place ads on the blog. If at some point while setting up the plugin you run into a “500 error message”, deactivate the wordfence security plugin, set up your ads, the reactivate the plugin again.

Let’s get started making you some money in the next few minutes.

Installing The Plugin

Official Google Adsense

Find and install the plugin, then activate it. You should now be at the following screen. If not navigate to settings–>AdSense in your admin dashboard to begin the set up.

Google Adsense Setup

Click on the Getting Started button to link your new plugin to your Google AdSense account. Basically, you are verifying your account. Once this is complete, you can get to the fun stuff; ads. The very next page will look like the one below.

Follow the onscreen instructions.

Google adsense verify

After you have verified your account, you should be on the next screen. Make sure you click on the automated mobile ads button. This adds mobile response ads in the locations you specify on your desktop version.

Google adsense mobile

Click on Manage Ads to begin setting up the banner ads. A page will load with options scattered over your theme. The options are locations that the plugin has scanned and determined to be a good fit for the location of an ad. Use your best judgment when selecting ad locations, as you will have multiple options to choose from for the homepage, blog page, blog post, and category page.

google adsense choice

Click on any red dot to place an add or see how the banner will look. Keep in mind, nothing will show up on your blog till you save the settings.

Click the icon in the green box to edit the ads type. I just do what’s recommended.

Google Adsense select

Before you hit save, edit all other sections and place ads where you want them.

Google Adsense single

When you are done with setting up the ads, select the “save and publish” button at the top-right corner of the screen. It will take around fifteen minutes for your ads to appear on your blog. That’s it! If you wish to move your ads around in the future, simply selected the Manage Ads button again and repeat the steps listed here. If you want to change the ad colors, you must log-in to your Google AdSense account to do this. The ad blocks that you have created for your blog will show up in your AdSense account automatically.

Here is a link to the Google AdSense Plugin once again.

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