How To Make Money With SiteGround Hosting

Make Money With SiteGrounds

Have you heard of SiteGround hosting before? They have made many changes to their hosting equipment and types of packages, plus they have added features. This makes them a top web host for WordPress blogs and can make you a lot of money depending on how many sales you make. I want to show you some of the tools that you get as an affiliate that will help you succeed or put you in a better position to so.

siteground affiliate stats

Reasons To Join SiteGround

The hosting rates are motivating for sure.

siteground hosting rates

Do you want to make a bunch of sales each month? The SiteGround homepage does the convincing for you. Just lead people to SiteGround and let them do the selling. There are many reviews online about how SiteGround is a very good web host so you can be assured that you are recommending something good to your visitors.

Affiliate Banners

affiliate siteground banners

If you are in a different currency, select that in the drop down menu so the price on certain images is in your native language. The My banner and links section has tons of different images to use in writing reviews. Here is a sample of one of them.

Hosting sign up

Success Tips

This is the cool section, it’s a huge section with tips on different strategies you can use to become a successful affiliate for SiteGround.

siteground success tips

The best thing is you can create a hosting account for 30 days to test out the web host to be able to write detailed reviews from first-hand knowledge. They want you to succeed and giving you all the tools to succeed.

siteground test trial

It’s free to sign up with SiteGround, go sign up and give it a crack at getting commissions. If you have a newsletter, create 1 email talking about the positive things that SiteGround has for customers is in top notch support and speed. They are the best affordable web host for WordPress performance. Writing articles and submitting to article directories is a good way to promote your affiliate link. Of course nothing beats getting an account like I had to see if their fast speed was actually a myth or not.

For years, I have promoted SiteGround on my web hosting page and this is my number 1 money page. I have other creative marketing methods but don’t like competition.

Create Promotional Material

The best way to make commissions is to actually create your own promotional material as in emails, content and even images sometimes. Yes Siteground does give you some promotional stuff but you are not the only person using them hence why I made the suggestion of creating your own. I have an account on in which I have access to create my own banner images and images for blog posts. I just created this one below as an example I could use on another blog if I bought some paid advertising.

WPOutcast creates most of there images using Canva which is a premium service. The image we created below was done by this software and the featured image. It’s worth the investment and I added our editor to my team to be able to modify or create images but still leave me with full admin access. Hint, hire someone for cheap to create you images using this software.

Uptime Security speed

Let me know your experience being an affiliate and remember around the holidays you will have special banner images to promote to give your visitors huge discounts, that’s 1 of my secret money methods…. Everyone loves discounts. (Keep this secret to yourself please)

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