Why We Love Studiopress Sites Themes (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Studiopress Theme

There are a lot of different WordPress theme companies active online providing quality paid and free themes. However, one company stands out from the rest of them. It’s, of course, StudioPress. Here is why we at the WPoutcast team love the themes and the framework that Studiopress provides.

Not Just Another Website - StudioPress

I am going to briefly go over a few things about why I love StudioPress and will continue to recommend them.

My First Few Years

StudioPress Billing

As you will notice in the image above, I had bought the Pro Plus Package over 3 years ago when the price was much lower. I constantly have ideas on how I can use the Pro Plus Package. Not only that, I get all future official StudioPress themes plus any 3rd party themes that they add to their official marketplace for free with a lifetime of updates. That’s 1 reason to like StudioPress.

During my first two years as a customer, I just soaked in as much information as I could about the company and how the child themes are built. This allowed me to become versed in editing code for my site. Just take a look at there Showcase Page of developers creating one-of-a-kind designs. Notice the page speed and clean look. Without further ado, here are the reasons why we love StudioPress Sites.

Reasons To Fall In Love With StudioPress

  • Lifetime membership – When you purchase any theme from there Marketplace, you get a lifetime membership, lifetime free support both on their Community Forums and email support, free lifetime updates for the theme you purchased, and the Genesis Framework. There are no annual or support fees. The forum has Genesis Framework developers and volunteer moderators doing all the support. Paid staff does the email support if you wish to speak to an employee.
  • Rock solid themes built to the latest WordPress and current coding standards with easy-to-use detailed tutorials. We have a Tutorials section with some of our own tips for customizing any Genesis Framework theme. There are a lot of developers who have tutorials about customizing or understanding the Genesis Framework. These will help you understand the coding and you may even be able to edit the code yourself! Here at WPoutcast, I edit our own theme but I am not a programmer. I have learned from StudioPress tutorials and experimenting with a test blog.
  • A new theme is released once a month. This could be a 3rd party theme that they fully support or one of their own created by the staff. Each theme is not in the same niche so you won’t see 3 food themes released in a row. I always look forward to the next month’s theme whenever they release it for purchase.
  • If you are a developer and would love to start with any StudioPress theme to customize for clients then the Pro Plus Package is the best option for you. You could make your money back within a month or from one project if you buy this package. Think about it, free lifetime updates and never pay for a theme again.
  • There are hundreds of Genesis Framework Plugins created for this framework and they work flawlessly. You never have to worry about a certain plugin not working well with the framework.
  • Once you are a client, you receive discounts on any theme that you purchase as a returning customer. Just login to your account and navigate to the theme, then click on the details page to see your discount. You no longer have to pay $99.95 or up for a theme because you already have the framework installed.
  • Buy 1 theme and use that on unlimited blogs. No restrictions. Once you own the theme, you can remove the footer copyright text and customize the theme as much as you want. Got to love the freedom to enhance a premium theme even further.
  • A generous Affiliate Program that will surly make you money because their themes are top notch and StudioPress provides excellent support. They handle each customer with care and makes sure everyone gets the help they were looking for.

Should I continue to list all the reasons?


The main thing to remember here is that these themes have air tight security. This means they are coded so well that there are no vulnerabilities of your theme opening up a backdoor to your blog that hackers can get into. We wrote a tutorial on Securing A WordPress Blog that has some great tips for extra security.

StudioPress Rock Solid Security

I have gotten support many times throughout the years via the email support system and each time have had excellence service. StudioPress takes pride in helping their customers succeed with their themes and over-all support. Join the club and become a customer. I haven’t looked back since I became one many years ago.

StudioPress Support

Here are more reasons to switch to Genesis Framework and join the StudioPress club:

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