How To Set Up The a3 Lazy Load Plugin

Look at the image below, that is a really great score that WPOutcast currently has. Well, this score is not set in stone and could change in the next 5 minutes or after a plugin is updated. As blog owners, we all strive to get “A’s” in both of those categories if you do use as a measuring tool. We are always playing around with the codes in our theme files making adjustments to better our blogs overall but then forget about the user’s experience. I can tell you that choosing the right Web Host can help the stat above a ton but not solve all known issues.

GTmetrix Feb. Score

So I am telling you right now that my good score above might not always be that way or even that number if you go check it right now. There are simple changes that you could make to get your score a little more closer to all “A’s” or all “B’s” while still providing an excellent user experience on your blog.

Like the blazing speed of WPOutcast? Want to use all the plugins we use? Do take a look at our page listing all the WordPress Plugins That Are Powering WP Outcast. These plugins are subject to change at any time. Check the plugin page once a month.

2 Ways To Optimize Speed

This blog use’s (free version) in addition to the blog being hosted in the cloud which is on a VPS that I some control over important server settings. I’m not saying for you to move to cloud hosting or even a VPS server with any web host to have an incredible page speed score. It was a personal decision why I moved to the cloud. One thing to always remember is that plugins is the #1 reason why your blog will have lag time or make it look strange in different browsers among other problems. Please remove plugins that you could do without or that have not been updated for at least 1 year which could be a huge security risk in using a very outdated version of a plugin.

  • Recommended Security Software: Sucuri Security – for high traffic blogs

In addition to the changes post above and below, I also made a few more tweaks. In fact, I am always tweaking code on this blog so things change constantly. Let’s get to the Lazy Load Plugin to install for free.

The Needle In The HayStack

UPDATE 9/11/2016: We switched to a paid plugin called Comet Cache that is a state of the art plugin.

Earlier in June of 2016, I installed the a3 Lazy Load plugin. It has helped out this blog a little for sure but didn’t solve all page speed issues. I forgot to run the blog through gtmetrix before I set up this plugin to compare what has changed but I did notice the speed was better than before. If you do install this plugin which I highly recommend it, listed below are the exact settings that I would use.

A quote from the plugin page:

Speed up your site and enhance frontend user’s visual experience in PC’s, Tablets and mobile with a3 Lazy Load.


Basic user settings


Load image settings

Note, loading images as the user scrolls down helps the blogs loading speed and gives the user a better experience. In addition to this feature, it is strongly recommended that you optimize your images for best performance using the Short Pixel plugin.


Settings for Videos

I don’t post videos on the blog but here the settings I enabled just incase I publish videos.


Remaining Settings


The reason why I did not select anything for “WordPress Mobile Template Plugins” is because all The StudioPress Sites themes are already mobile responsive right out of the box and even the 3rd party themes. After saving your settings, go ahead and clear your blog cache and possibly your internet cache and then go to your blog and see if you notice any changes when a page loads. You should see some improvement to your blog. There is still more work on your end that you can do. For example, remove plugins that are just useless and not doing anything good to benefit your visitors.

A lot of ads on a page that run off scripts can tend to cause the pagespeed to be bad. Hence why WPOutcast only has 1 ad banner showing at this time. Speed is more important in SEO and for the visitors who find you blog. Your images should now load as the page loads when setting up this plugin correctly.

Here is the download link one more time for the a3 Lazy Load plugin.

Speed Plugin

The WP Speed Grades Lite does as it says, helps increase the blog speed but doesn’t always fix all GTMetrix errors. The key thing I took out of this plugin was speed increased.

For the free version, here are the settings. (If I upgrade I’ll write a review)


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