How To Install WordPress On GoDaddy Managed WP Hosting

How To Install WordPres

Previously, WPoutcast used GoDaddy to host our blog with the managed WordPress hosting plan. Due to the wonderful growth of our blog, we have since moved to Cloudways. Still, if you are looking for an affordable Webhost with blazing speed and don’t want to worry about any hosting issues, this specialized hosting is for you! There are a wide variety of packages to choose from. If you are just starting out blogging then I’d suggest their Basic package.

GoDaddy Pricing Chart

GoDaddy makes it so easy to install a WordPress blog, even for a beginning blogger. Heck, my mother would be able to do this!

First, choose a package and proceed to checkout, following the onscreen instructions.

After you have sifted through the additional features, click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button and set up your account. Below is the page you should be on to create your new account:

GoDaddy New Client

Follow the onscreen instructions and choose your form of payment. You should end up on this page after making a payment.

Managed Web Hosting

Click on the Managed WordPress Hosting button to begin your free installation of WordPress. You don’t have to use FTP to install a blog with Godaddy managed WordPress hosting. They do all the backend work! You should end up on the page below.

GoDaddy Setup

Click on the Setup button. Next, click on Create a new WordPress site.

Godaddy Example

For the sake of this blog post, I’m assuming that you bought a domain from GoDaddy Domains. In the drop down menu select the domain you want your blog installed on. I’m using a 2nd domain extension as an example. Also, enter the details for your WordPress blog.

GoDaddy Installation

Now just wait while GoDaddy does the installation on your new account. This should take no more than a few minutes! After everything is complete, you should be logged into your WordPress account.

You might have heard mixed reviews about managed WordPress hosting with GoDaddy. For WPoutcast, we only have positive things to say! I’m one happy customer, from buying domains to hosting with them.

UPDATE: Nov. 2015

Preparing for the future in the online world in my neck of the woods, I have moved over to Cloudways Hosting and loving the experience so far. To prove that downtimes don’t happen too often with this blog, the below image is how long it’s been since our last downtime.


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