How To Add A Gravatar To Your WordPress Blog

Do you have an account on Gravatar yet? If not then why? If you are a blogger then you must have heard about Gravatar by now and it’s importance. If not then let me explain to you in as little words as possible if I can. When you create your blog, you obviously add an email address into your admin account. WordPress will pull that email account and search the Gravatar database for your account and automatically insert the image you have added in their to show on your blog or blog comments elsewhere.

Have you noticed my face in the author resource box or next to the blog title? I have my email address added into my Gravatar account. This takes a few minutes to register on their website and upload an email to any email address that you use on blogs. When I post a blog comment on a different blog, my image shows up and not that blog’s default image that is selected. Having an image added to your email address is very important if you plan on doing guest blog posting. For example, I just made it required to have one or I’ll delete the submission. No image means you don’t want to brand yourself online.

From WordPress:

WordPress integrates Gravatars into every WordPress site. Once registered with Gravatar, the service matches your WordPress profile information to the email address registered with Gravatar and displays your custom Gravatar image next to comments and (optionally) elsewhere on the WordPress site. If you choose not to sign up with Gravatar, the default icon set by the Administrator appears next to your name. Source Link

Let’s just do a walk-through of how easy it is to add an image to the email address that might use on blogs.

Creating An Account

You don’t have to physically create an account on Gravatar website. However you will need to have an account on Once you create your account over there, go back to the Gravatar website and hit the sign in button and login using your login credentials. After this is pretty much fill in all profile fields.

I’ll show you how I have mine set up with some images and I hope you do create one if you plan to write a guest blog post on this blog.

gravatar profile

Don’t forget to fill in the section below and your profile information in the above image.

gravatar verified services

Let’s go ahead and add a Gravatar image now. Go to your “My Gravatars” tab like so in the image below and add your email address then upload and image following the onscreen instructions.

my gravatars

Things To Remember

The primary email address is the one I always use when posting blog comments and the email address of WPOutcast. So any blog I post a comment on, my image that is selected will show. Believe me, this little thing just adding an image helps a lot online.

You can use your blogs logo if you want to. It does not matter as this little thing helps in regards to branding yourself online and well, people like to see the face of the person they are responding to. If you want an affordable custom logo created for your blog, Logo Nerds is my trusted source.

If you are looking to start a blog, do read our tutorial on How To Start A WordPress Blog on the Genesis Framework.

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