Create Any Niche Web Directory With The Business Directory Plugin

Do you want to start a web directory using WordPress but are having trouble finding the perfect plugin that does it all? While searching the internet, I landed on a website that provides a directory feature in the form of a plugin. It’s called the Business Directory Plugin which is free but does have some paid features to purchase if you want to take your directory to the next level. There is a demo on the website you can check out, but I will be walking you through some setting with screenshots.

It’s easy to get this plugin up and running. It automatically creates a new page in your page folder. You just have to copy that URL and create a menu button for visitors to get to your web directory.

Let’s start with installing the plugin itself. If you are new to installing plugins, don’t worry, I have a guide just for you.

business directory plugin download

After doing this, the Business Directory Plugin plugin is now activated and you can edit the settings.

You should now receive this error message. Click on the button to do this next step automatically.

directory warning message

Next, you will navigate to ‘Directory Admin’ to begin the customization.

Directory Admin Message

Pretty much the rest of the customization is common sense stuff but I’ll show more images of what I would do. Keep in mind this will be your web directory so do what you want to create the perfect directory.

Front Admin Directory Page

This Business Directory Plugin has a lot of features to offer, besides paid modules to purchase. Here is a snapshot of some of the features to go through. Go ahead and click on the Configure/manage options tab. You should be on this page below you can begin editing the settings.

Configure Settings

The default settings of the directory really lack that wow factor. A few themes can be purchased to give your Web Directory an updated look. Click on the themes tab and in the right hand column is where you can purchase very good themes to use.

themes pack

Make your web directory a free one or charge a fee for submission. Add Advertising space on the directory or use Google AdSense to earn some income. Get creative how you profit from the directory. Here is the payment area to enable it.

directory payment gateway

Manually create the price structure and all the details with ease.

listing Fee's

I got a little greedy in setting up the plugin in a test environment. It’s worth the fee, don’t you think? This plugin has a lot to offer and realistically it’s easy to install and configure all the settings. Support is great.

What do you have to lose? This Directory Plugin is free to use.

More good things to say about this plugin.

features for the Directory

Let us know in the comments if you do use this plugin. Do you know someone who may want to start a web directory? Share this blog post with them. Spread the love in the social media world.

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