Blog For The Passion & Not For The Money

Are you in the blogging industry for money, fame, and recognition? If so, then it’s not the career path for you. I ask this question a lot on the forums I frequent, and I don’t normally get an honest answer. We all see famous bloggers, such as Patt Flynn, Harsh Agrawal and Darren Rowse, who currently make a living from their blogs and products they sell online. All of these bloggers started with a passion, not an income goal, and worked long and hard to create the thriving blogs they have today.

My favorite thing about these bloggers, who I read daily, is their passion for their platform and their willingness to help and guide their readers. They make a great income but that is not the driving force behind why they do it. The money comes over time as you build a relationship with your audience. With that being said, my thoughts on blogging for passion over money are not that far off from those bloggers own views.

I have been blogging for many years and still love what I do online. I love helping people online and don’t care if I make a profit. My passion is blogging and helping my readers in any way I can. Let’s look at some things that will help you thrive online.

The Niche


Niche blogging can be a great outlet if you know what you’re doing. However, starting a blog in a high paying Google Adsense niche for the income will ultimately end in failure. It’s more than likely that the high-paying niche you chose will not be in your area of expertise, which will lead to frustration and an absence of readers. You should always blog about something you are familiar with and wish to continue educating yourself on. If you don’t, visitors to your page will be able to see your lack of expertise and passion, as well as the poor quality of information. No one wants to visit a messy, painful, or confusing blog. Not only this, but you will struggle to get quality backlinks if your posts lack good content, resulting in you quitting the blog altogether.

At WPOutcast, we use the Monitor Links software to monitor our links plus a lot more.

If you are motivated to take your blog to the next level, start a blog in a niche you really know and enjoy. The niche does not matter in regards to income, as you can always find ways of making income from your niche. Don’t even think about income for the first few months. Focus on the content and getting a following in the social media world. This allows you to build up traffic on your blog, so when you do decide to add a revenue source, it will be worth the while. Keep the advertising, such as banner ads, to a minimum. Too may ads can negatively affect the user’s experience. You are writing for your audience, not for the profit. If you need help with tweaking your content, hire a freelancer and that will be a good investment.

I wake up every day loving what I do online. I didn’t start my work for the money, I started it to help people, and the money is just a nice bonus. I even have one book published on Amazon for the Information Technology world, which I am an expert in. Write about what you love and you will enjoy every day of it.

Useless Junk All Over The Blog

You know what really gets me upset? Bloggers adding the max number of Google Adsense blocks in the wrong places, wrong sizes, and wrong colors then adding Infolinks, which displays more ugly ads and slows down the blogs page speed. By adding a lot of ads to your blog, you’re telling your reader this blog is about the income, not the content. You can still make an income with a minimum amount of ads. Do your research here and talk to successful bloggers about what works for them. Never sacrifice your content or user experience for ads.

Another big mistake is overloading your blog with plugins that don’t benefit you or the user. Doing this can slow down your page speed and make it difficult for people to navigate your blog. At WPOutcast, we do use a decent number of plugins, but none of them hinder the user’s experience with the blog. Check out our plugins page for more information. Keep it simple, focused on the content, and easy to navigate. People visit websites because they are looking for information, not to click on ads.

Email lists are a great way to connect with your followers and share deals. WPoutcast also has a plethora of posts about generating income for your blog as well as improving the overall look and experience! Feel free to take a look around.

Don’t Take Short Cuts

Although you may want to make income from your blog right away, this will only hurt you in the future. Like I said before, you should blog for the passion and not for the money. Keep the ads to a minimum while you build up your audience and search ranking before introducing other money-making methods.

The key to success in blogging is a continued education in your niche, thinking outside the box, learning the basics of SEO, and learning how to make an impression in the social media world.

Read the following blog post to make money in a matter of minutes. Here are also three reliable freelancing websites to hire from.

Blogging takes work, work, and more work. If you don’t feel passionate for what you blog about you won’t be able to motivate yourself to put in those hard hours every month. You have to capture your audience with a look and feel that really speaks to your target audience, otherwise, they won’t be visiting for very long.

My Final Thoughts

Blogging should be fun. You should look forward into putting in those hours. Think of it like this: Each blog you post could be the exact information someone needs, or even change their life for the better. That is something to be proud of! I understand that you want to make money, and this something that shouldn’t be ignored. The money will come in over do time as you slowly introduce your revenue tactics. The below blog posts have some things to look into for earning money online.

If this blog post was motivating for you, do share this with your followers.

Do you blog because you are passionate about your niche or are you in it for the money, women, and cars?

Comments are welcomed.

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