7 Quick Tips About Creating Blogging Goals

Creating Blogging Goals

If there is one thing I have learned in my many years of blogging, it’s the importance of setting blogging goals. Getting paid for the work I do on the blog is nice, but it isn’t what drives me to continue the work I am doing. We recently covered Blog For The Passion, where we discussed blogging for the love of your niche and not the paycheck. What we did not cover in that post in the importance of setting goals. Here, we will go in-depth on why blogging goals are important and how to create them.

Completing the same tasks every day can be boring. This can lead to you losing momentum and focus on your blog, causing your content and engagement with you followers to suffer. If users notice the quality of your content has declined, or you aren’t as active with them in the comments, they might decide to jump ship. Don’t let this happen to you. Short term blogging goals give you a mark to focus on and motivation to reach that milestone. Here at WPoutcast, blogging goals motivate us each and every day, with plenty we still want to accomplish.

Without further ado:

7 Quick Tips About Creating Blogging Goals

Woohoo Goal Complete

Reaching a goal you’ve worked hard for is an amazing feeling. Not only does it help your self-esteem, it will push you to go that extra mile. Here are 10 reachable blogging goals to set for yourself.

    • 1. Setting goals for blogging will keep you organized and headed in the right direction. Before I created goals for myself, I would start way too many side projects and after a few months, none were completed. Set 1 goal, focus hard on that goal then move on to the next one.
    • 2. Social media marketing and Branding yourself online is crucial in the blogging world. Set a goal to increase your followers and interact with them more. This is definitely an instance where you will reap what you sow. Millions of people interact on social media every day, so think about the potential of user engagement when working on these mediums.
    • 3. Email marketing is very important. I suggest setting a number of subscribers you will like to gain over the next couple of months and work on your blog and social media platforms to make that happen. We use MailChimp for WPOutcast. It’s free to sign up till you get a big list.
    • 4. Increase the amount of “approved” blog comments on your blog. By doing this, you are engaging with your audience and allowing them to ask any question they may have regarding your blog post. This is a great way to engage with your visitors personally, and can even lead to ideas for new blog posts.
    • 5. Increase the quality and quantity of blog posts published each month. Writing 4 or 5 blog posts a month will not cut it in the blogging world nor get you any attention. Double that number and that’s a reachable goal for blogging. Remember you can schedule blog posts in the future and spend 1 whole weekend writing a month’s worth of content.
    • 6. Help people set up their own blogs with free advice on how to get started. Remember what it was like when you wanted to start a blog, but had no idea what you were doing? This is a goal of mine and I have created a page on How To Start A WordPress Blog on the Genesis Framework. My goal is to teach/show people how easy it is to do it themselves. I reach this goal many times each month in regards to helping people. This makes blogging worthwhile for myself.
    • 7. Make connections with some of your competitors and help each other grow. I’m talking about reaching out and exchanging guest blog posts on each other’s blog 1 or 2 times a month or doing a partnership on a product. This is a very reachable goal and will benefit both yourself and your competitor.

It’s Up To You

You can be successful in the blogging world but getting to where you want to get to is a long journey. If you set short-term goals to achieve, before you know it, your ultimate goal is much closer than you think.

How about you?

Do you set any blogging goals or do you just log into your admin dashboard, write something and publish it, then carry on?

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