5 Way’s To Fail At Blogging – Do Not Try These

Ways To Fail At Bloggings

Since a lot of blog’s provide advice on what you should do to succeed, I am going to tell you what you should not do. I am going to list 5 things you should avoid while blogging.

What I can tell you is not everyone finds success in blogging after their first month, months, or years; but, if you stick at it, are willing to learn new things, experiment and be open to criticism, you will certainly improve your chances.

5 Ways To Fail At Blogging

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1. Mimic A Design Almost Entirely

  • Do not try to completely copy the look and content from a successful blog. Some people do this because they want to piggyback the profits off of a successful site; however, this will likely backfire because you will take a serious hit to search engine rankings. Not to mention you are stealing someone else’s hard work.

2. Advertisement Crazy

  • Avoid having too many banners or 3rd party ads on your blog. Having those ads will make certain keywords in the blog post get linked such as Info Links from a 3rd party ad network. As a result, your page speed will decline and negatively impact the user experience. If your blog is too slow to navigate, then people will get frustrated and not want to visit your site again.

3. Comment Moderation

  • No moderation in the comment department can cause traffic on your blog to be redirected. What ends up happening is some people will use your comment section as a way to self-promote their product or blog. The quality of your blog suffers and you are losing visitors in the end.

4. Guest Blog Posting Free-For-All

  • Allowing guest blog posting on the blog and don’t bother to pre-screen the potential authors. When you allow guests to publish posts on your blog, you can never be sure about the material they are posting. They could publish links to inappropriate sites or promote products that take away from the overall purpose of the blog.

5. Poor Web Hosting

  • Poor web hosting. Yes, a blog will fail and never get off the ground with a poor web host. There are certain web hosts out there that are cheap and care about your money rather than the speed of your website. In fact, some cheap web hosts provide surcharges on bandwidth overage even though they say you have unlimited bandwidth. Going cheap for a web host will make any blog fail. Speed is important these days and that’s why choosing one of WPOucast’s recommended web hosts is the way to go.

Endless Ways To Fail At Blogging

There are tons of ways to fail at blogging. Your blog’s success is in your own hands. If you get greedy or try to bend the SEO rules to obtain rankings, you will end up failing. Slow and steady wins the race. Take your time and build an excellent blog and stay true to your marketing plan. While your competitors get hit by Algorithm penalties, you will be seeing better rankings and all those months or years of following the SEO guidelines would have paid off big time. To get started with SEO, check out our detailed guide on the WordPress SEO plugin.

What You Should Read Next:

I tell every blogger who I speak to that you can be successful if you stick to your goals and are willing to learn new things and adapt your blog to changes in trends. Keep asking for help in forums because that’s a great place to get tips and feedback on your blog so you make changes that are good for your blog in the long run.

If I can be of any help, get in touch with me.

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